The Importance Of Brain Development In Children

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Crib Tunes May Have Made You Smarter Music is an integral part of culture, economy, society, and, not surprisingly, our development. Different musical notes condition their brains to different sounds in the environment. Furthermore, musical complexities may subconsciously work their way into the calculating capacity of the child’s cognition and inspire toward a higher level of thinking at a younger age, ultimately influencing the behavior of the adult brain. Studies that try to delineate this correlation often take years of observation, following children as they develop into adults to adequately mark the effects of music at birth. Additionally, the study of how the brain processes music is important, because music is used as a therapeutic based on how …show more content…
Primarily, this research paper will address the basic stages of brain development in children, and outstanding studies that help to delineate the areas of the brain responsible for conditioning and which affect cognition and development. Music has a major influence on brain development in children resulting in changes in cognition and brain function.
What is Brain Development? Psychology will tell you that the first years of a child’s life are, in essence, the womb outside the mother. In many ways, prenatal development and
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In an acute examination of the influence of childhood musical schooling’s effects on the behavior of children’s brains, Trainor points to music’s rhythmic, tonal, and structural qualities which contributing a matrix of varied results in a complex pathway of influence5. Because of these three elements, she posits, music allows for an infinite variety in sound which can inspire an even more infinite variety of effects on brain

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