How Does Music Affect People

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Music has affected people in an interesting way, ever since music was first created. Whether it’s because of the synesthesia people might experience as babies, the inner desire to express our emotions in the best way possible, or simply because it helps us focus, all humans, even infants, enjoy music. The only thing to figure out is how music is affecting mankind. To begin with, music can dramatically affect your emotions. Hard beats give us humans pleasure to listen to, and composers with serious skill manipulate their audience when they set out to create their music (Changizi). Also, artists, or people who create music, use their instruments to make their music sound more human, such as an instrument that creates a sort of whining sound, …show more content…
These are often shrill, which is why some people may find his music annoying. There is another theory that states that people enjoy music because it unlocks, or unveils emotions that we feel, but we just can’t figure out how to turn our feelings into music, and we enjoy listening to songs that are saying exactly what we 're feeling (Changizi). To delve deeper into how music affects our feelings and emotions, there are several examples of how music has shaped our society. for example, The Beatles’ music inspired a great changer in America when they appeared for the first time on the Ed Sullivan Show. That first appearance caused crime in America to temporarily halt . in addition to their dramatic affect on the world because their appearance, the beatles somehow also inspired …show more content…
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