Essay On Ballroom Dancing

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Dance to Live or Live to Dance Ballroom dancers take the floor and always seem to have everything together, but what is going on under the surface? Sure, it is pretty or intense to watch, but what does it entail? Ballroom dancing, whether being of Latin, Standard, Smooth , or Rhythm style, requires an enormous amount of skill such as concentration, memory, precision, and yet, relaxation. Since dancing is so complex, there are several benefits resulting from all of this training, including a sharper mind and memory, improved social skills, and health benefits. What is ballroom anyway? Every well-educated ballroom dancer knows that there are four different styles of ballroom depending on their national origins. The Smooth style is American based, and includes Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot and Viennese Waltz. The directions of movement are very straightforward and always travel in a counterclockwise circle. This style also allows the dancer to open up their dance position, meaning that partners do not have to constantly stay connected. …show more content…
Ballroom studio owners state that dancing is an all-inclusive way to learn proper etiquette. Many couples like to take lessons together which is a great way for them to learn more gentle communication. It is a huge opportunity for men to take charge (Thomas). This makes people more respectful overall, and serves as a possible alternative to couple’s therapy. New opportunities always come up unexpectedly when one knows how to dance. Evidently ballroom has many different origins with the same end result. The mind and memory are sharpened, health is improved, and social skills are increased. The more exposure one would have to dance, the better their health in general would be. Dancing uses all parts of the brain, and ultimately, one must use it or lose it. Certainly, ballroom dancing should be more common. It is a blessing that affects an individual’s health more than most

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