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Wayne Biasetti founded Enforcer Products, Inc. in 1977. As the pesticide and home products company grew Biasetti took on two partners, Jim Biggs and Ed Brush.

Briggs supervised sales and marketing while Brush oversaw administrative and financial issues. Biasetti who holds an MBA, could focus his attention in the laboratory and production side of the company.
The companies 100,000 square foot warehouse, located in Emerson, Ga. housed 45 types of pesticide and home products.

Zep Inc.purchased Enforcer Products, Inc. in 1997. After the sale of Enforcer Biasetti and Brush pursued acquiring large tracts of land locatedBiasetti, who founded the growing pesticide and home products company in 1977, decided that sharing power as well as
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"They think, 'I know what's right so why doesn't my partner understand me?' "Benjamin Benson, a consultant and family business expert in Boynton Beach, Fla., believes that shared management is effective only if there is a high degree of trust among the owners."It helps if each owner is relatively equal in ability and responsible for different segments of the business," he writes in "Your Family Business," published by Dow Jones-Irwin. "It's also important that the owners have the ability to compromise and reach consensus in decision making."Back at Enforcer Products, no major decision is made unless all three partners agree."We have to agree or we all go down the tubes together," said Biasetti, a former chemical plant manager who is responsible for developing most of Enforcer's products.While Biasetti is busy in the laboratory and production area, Biggs supervises all sales and marketing efforts. Treasurer Ed Brush is responsible for administrative, data processing and financial issues. Biasetti and Biggs each hold a 40 percent share of the company. Brush, who joined them in 1985, owns the other 20 percent.In separate interviews at Enforcer's sprawling headquarters, the partners agreed that the secret of their success is to divide the responsibilities and try not to step on each other's toes."I'm by no means the smartest one of the three," said Biasetti. Although he has a MBA, Biasetti admits

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