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Kevin Kirkman receives a Service Quality Survey in the mail from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Kevin had been involved in a wreck earlier in the month and had rented a replacement car from Enterprise while his car was being repaired. Enterprise routinely surveys one of each 20 customers after completion of a rental. Enterprise used the survey to determine the percentage of customers who were completely satisfied, which produced the Enterprise Service Quality Index (ESQi) for both the company and for each individual branch.

Enterprise has become the largest rent-a-car company in the United States by targeting the local replacement market and maintaining a laser-like focus on customer service and satisfaction.
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2- In addition to or instead of the mail survey, what other means could Enterprise use to gather customer satisfaction and other information about its customers and competitors?

Enterprise has decided to mail a questionnaire to selected customers about a week after the end of the rental, assuming the experience will still be fresh on the customer’s mind and the customer will have time to complete the instrument.

Enterprise could put a survey form in each vehicle so that people experiencing a problem could record/report it while it was fresh on their minds. They could mail these in or turn them in when they return the car.

Enterprise could also have employees or an outside firm telephone customers following a rental to ask different or similar questions. As this method has some positive aspects to the telephone method such as providing quick feedback, however response rate are decreasing and there are variability in how different interviewers ask questions and interpret responses.

Also Enterprise can consider focus groups. It could recruit focus group participants from recent customers and have a qualified moderators conduct focus group interviews on the rental process and customer satisfaction. The value of such groups is that they allow the moderators to pursue topics or points that might come up during the discussion that cannot normally be pursued in a survey. The participants may raise a topic that Enterprise had

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