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Kaitlyn Simpson
Dr. Gibson
English 231-04
Archaic Lore in “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter” and “The Dead” Intro: Id texts and subject. Thesis: D.H. Lawerence and James Joyce use archaic lore in their stories “The Horse Dealers Daughter”, and “The Dead”.
Storytakes place in English midlands, four sibling late 20’s sittng around family home. -- D. H. Lawrence’s stories have the sense that they’re ritualistic; his rough home life. He had a God awful dysfunctional family. His mom and dad were polar opposites which caused them to Fight battle through the kids. In early 20’s he got ill, and diagnosis 100 years ago tuberculosis. It was incurable then. . He knew he was dying therefore he decided he wouldn’t waste what he had. He
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The Greeks called them the psychomantia; the Romans called these places lucan, the Celts called them the nemeton. These power spots all possessed a “Spirit of Place”, and this energy always affects and influences the people who enter into its proximity. Quite often in Lawrence’s stories, these energy centers become the central scenes and the story’s climax.
In “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter” the nemeton becomes a central location in the plot and its resolution. Lawrence found so many of them. He found these places contained a spirit of place at these places. Lawrence frequently weaves archetypal symbols into “The Horse Dealer’s Daughter”. Some of the basic archetypal symbols include the following: the color black which was death or the realm of the unconscious, a body of water a nemeton, the realm of the unconscious, entering and exiting water can be symbolic of sex and birth or rebirth. An example of this is when the story states that the doctor notices this old square deep inn the pond . The pond symbolizes the nemeton. Then he see’s mable all dressed in black, which symbolizes death. She’s walking toward the pond. She gets into the pond edge and then she starts walking into this freezing pond. She gets deeper and deeper and deeper. She’s killing herself. He immediately responds jumps in and

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