English Descriptive Narrative essay

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It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Philadelphia. The air was fresh and the fog was rolling off of the dark green oak trees. These trees were scattered everywhere like grains of sand on a hot summer beach. The soft and lingering scent from the various kinds of flowers filled the air. This added a sense of happiness to everyone who was celebrating my uncle’s wedding, especially my sisters and I. Before the wedding, people were gathered in large groups, everywhere, bickering with one another. Over 450 were people talking and suddenly a quietness came over the crowd. All of them were waiting on the same thing, that fairytale moment where two people come together with one thing in common, love.
As everyone started to take their
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Not all were completely there after the alcohol had got

the best of them, but they were definitely lively. One too many drinks were drunk, and one too many songs were sung. This was the real celebration they had been waiting for. Tonight was the time to come out of their shell and make memories that would last forever. It was then that the night came to an end for my sisters and I.
The night was cold and dark. The only thing I could see were the headlights in the front and the dimming lights of the beautiful garden in the back. Sitting in the car, I knew that the day that I just got to experience was much more than a gathering of two families. This was a day of inspiration and hope. Hope to one day meet that man that looks at me with such care and passion like my uncle looks at his wife. I look forward to being able to inspire others on what love truly looks like. Passion, care, trust, joy, and eternal love are what proves to me love exists out there.
This wedding was full of living proof of all of those

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