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Throughout my sixteen weeks in English 101 I believe that my writing skills have developed in ways that I never thought they would develop. There is always room for improvement, especially with writing. Before taking this class I thought I was a good writer, but after the first few essays I realized how much I could truly improve upon. The writing topics and prompts we were given each taught me something more about writing, how to structure things, or simple writing tactics that could make my essays better. I’ve never been good with writing formal essays, but this class taught me how to be a lot less informal in my writing. One of my biggest problems throughout the semester was implementing transitions into my essay. Throughout the semester I believe this is one of the biggest things I improved on in my writing. …show more content…
The article I responded to was based on an article called “The Competition Drug.” It talked about how tough college has gotten and how much pressure it put on students to exceed expectations. One of the biggest things I struggled with at the beginning of the semester was transitioning between two paragraphs. For some reason or another, it never occurred to me to do this. I don’t know if I just never paid enough attention to making the paper flow or if it was simply the education system in which I was raised. An example of my transitions at the beginning of the semester is, “When I was taking eighteen credits last fall, I felt the pressure building up and if I was given the chance, I might have just taken it and dealt with the consequences later.” The next paragraph starts off, “Being on a college campus, people talk about taking Adderall to help them through finals or even daily.” I know there was more than likely no transition before editing the paper and having the peer

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