Examples Of Emotional Resilience

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In this assignment, I will be combining my knowledge of emotional resilience and intelligence, as well as relation based practice. I will explore these factors using my own experiences along with my understanding of "self". I will elaborate by providing personal experiences of group work then the roles within this. By demonstrating my ability to work with others I will provide an understanding of the challenges and values group work can provide.
Edith Grotberg developed a definition of emotional resilience as, the Human capacity to deal with, learn from, overcome, and potentially become transformed from the challenges of life. Emotional resilience can be defined in several different ways, it can mean different things to each individual person.
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It has been said that human relationships should ‘Be at the heart of all good Social work practice.) (Collins & Collins 1981). The profession of social work provides a supportive and understanding relationship that can provide the tools for an individual to solve whatever problems they may be facing. Pamela Trevithick explored the importance of a relationship based practice approach regarding social work into 8 separate areas of practice, as well as exploring the troubles faced within this. Suggestions from this could be that it creates a well-functioning ‘working relationship’, which can include a social worker exploring past events of a service user’s life, and find out what’s going on in general. Many childhood experiences can lead to very complex relationship difficulties.
David Howe suggested that relationships with service users have particularly been seen in legal and administrative situations. Researchers have examined client satisfaction and effectiveness of practice to find that the qualities of client to worker relationships are one of most important components in the success of the service
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However, saying this, once I have established my place in the group I feel comfortable to contribute different, more creative ideas that can enhance the group’s overall performance. I am happy to take control and leading the group once I have established personally that it will be my role.
Reflecting on the learning outcomes, the value of team work and group work are substantial, it enhances the quality and level of work I produce and shares the workload between individuals. This makes it more suitable for the large piece of work assigned.
Bruce Tuckman coined the idea of ‘Forming, storming, norming and performing’. (Tuckman 1965). This is relating to group dynamics and group processes. Forming is relating to how the members of the group form themselves and testing boundaries.
Storming is a period of conflict around personal matters and perspectives, its resistance throughout the group and a form of resilience.
Norming is when the conflict is resolved and addressed correctly. The group can also develop their own personal identity and develop new roles and friendships.
Performing is when the work is completed and the group start wo work towards there set goal, members can become more flexible and more productive now they know where they

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