Electronic Devices Are A Blessing And Curse Essay

1023 Words Feb 24th, 2016 null Page
Personal Electronic Devices are a blessing and a curse to society. Some people believe that Personal Electronic Devices will spell the downfall of humanity as we know it and while I don’t personally agree with that statement I can see where people would come to that conclusion from. Personal electronic devices are more addicted to people in today’s society than any other addiction in human history. No other time in history has there been one sole thing that near every human has and uses constantly with little regard for what they are actually using. In addition to Personal electronic devices something that people have to look out for is the development of artificial inelegance. Unregulated artificial inelegance would do nothing good in today’s modern society. Cellphones and Artificial Intelligence are the only true threats we have left as humans. Personal Electronic Devices add countless positive things to our everyday life giving us a source of unlimited knowledge at our fingertips the power it supplies us can be quite intoxicating and also quite addictive. If not for the highly addictive nature of these devices, they might not have such a negative impact on society that they seem to have. People who use Personal Electronic Devices quite often seem to lack the same social skills that we used to have, we just cannot connect to another human being the same way we used to. While Personal Electronic Devices allow people around the world to communicate in an instant they also…

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