Effects Of Technology On Communication Technology Essay

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Effects of technology on communication

Technology is ever developing providing us with newer and better ways of solving our everyday problems. Each and every field has been progressively affected by improved technology in both beneficial and retrogressive means. The past two decades have seen the introduction of portable technologies such as smartphones and tablets. Communication has been significantly affected by these new technologies that allow us to send and receive messages and e-mails, play videos and audio and edit documents on the move. These gadgets have revolutionized the way people relate to each other in their day-in-day-out lives. These portable devices have gradually taken over our lives and before we could recognize it people cannot live comfortably without them. At every single minute, millions of people are looking down onto their mobile handsets sending a text message or e-mail.
Back then, people had to wait for extended periods of time for an important phone call or E-mail. Most operations whether appointments, making a reservation or even booking a flight had to be made by physically visiting the necessary offices. This restricted efficient communication between parties at different geographical locations. Nowadays, this is not the case; one can undertake all these operations while going to the office or even for a lecture. This paper will seek to support the fact that technology has significantly improved the way we communicate. It has been a crucial…

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