Cell Phones And Romantic Relationships Essay

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We are in a world of technological advancement, and cell phones are a part of the evolution. The advancement of technology in cell phones has caused a shift in the way people communicate today. Cell phones can be the sole source for communicating, just with a few taps someone can send text messages, emails, buy things, make phone calls, and even have face-to-face conversations. The cell phone has become a common product for almost everyone, in fact 90% of adult Americans own a cell phone; 89% of these households have more than one cell phone, and nearly 60% of children in these homes ages 7 to 17 have their own cell phones (Kennedy, Smith, Well, & Wellman, 2008). The amount of cell phones in households had lead to many researchers question of how cell phones influences the way people communicate with one another. However, little research has been done to examine how cell phones influence romantic relationships. Cell phones may alter the way couples establish rules, roles, boundaries, and interactions in the outside world.
Positive and Negative Communication
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The study used a questionnaire of 300 questions was answered by 1,039 people, 60% women and 40% being men. The questionnaire was designed to test a variety of relationship variables, such as: relationship length, communication, positive communication, negative communication, relationship satisfaction, media communication, and media connectivity. The researchers had two research

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