The Importance Of Speeding

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Speeding cause a lot of accidents in the street. Unfortunately, many of our young men and women have been lost as a result of recklessness and excessive driving.
Road speed is a public health and safety issue of the first order, although it is difficult to accurately determine the speed factor in traffic accidents. However, excess speed is the main factor contributing to the problem of injuries and deaths on the roads faced by the countries of the world. Jules White, Chris Thompson, Hamilton Turner, Brian Dougherty, Douglas C. Schmidt said traffic accidents are a major cause of death in the United States. The most prominent point of the answer to the survival is the arrival of paramedics as soon as possible(2011). Speed is the most common violation
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It affects the incidence of collisions and the severity of injuries. Increased speed leads to a higher incidence of collisions and an increased likelihood of serious injuries as they occur. Increased speed means increasing the distance the driver must cut the required reaction and the distance required to stop.
First thing I want to talk about is.When someone driving his car very fast on the highway this is will increase the number of accidents. So how this speeding will increase the number of accidents? I will be answering this question of one thinks traffic jam.
The Traffic jam is when the road is crowded with so many cars and stops suddenly because of an accident or a narrow road. When a person drives so fast on the highway and on the moment the highway stop. Because of the accident in the street and all the car stop immediately, so he may not control the car and will hit other cars. This will make an accident on the highway.
Next things I want to talk about is when someone driving in the neighborhood so fast in the morning and there is a school in the neighborhood. So maybe there is a kid who wants to go to the school, but there is a person who is driving fast and he hit the kid. This is because of
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Because the more you drive so fast the angle of view decreases when you driving fast. For example, A group of school students wants to cross the street and there is someone who driving so fast in the street. He may hit the students because he is driving so fast, or maybe The vision is obscured because of a tree. This reason can raise the probability of an accident while the person crosses the street. However, some people may say speeding is a good thing. Because of a dangerous condition. Such as a pregnant woman who needs to go to the hospital as soon as possible. Another position the person can drive very fast. When another person is injured, bleeding a lot of blood and wants to go to the nearest hospital, a person can drive very fast. There are other people may say if your boss in your job will be fired you from your job. Because of your delay or you woke up late and you can not lose this job because you can not find an alternative job. So, in this case, you can drive very fast to be early. In view, the speed of the road risk of the first degree must be reduced. That is not mean that you have an emergency situation you have the right to lead the secret madness. But it is connected to the hospital and the police to devoid of roads. Even in ways where there is a sign of my road cut. You should ease your speed before you reach it. Even if you are late

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