Importance Of Speed Limits

Many people get aggravated with speed limits and say that they are useless and they need to go, but what they don't think about is the effect they do have in keeping America’s citizens safe. Speed limits are important for many reasons such as, the fact that it is the law to abide by them, and they keep citizens safe.

One reason why speed limits are important is because it is the law. Due to this fact it would be wise to abide by these rules or we would likely have consequences to pay if we did not. The price to pay for not abiding by the designated speed limit in an area can be very pricy and likely there are many people that cannot afford that price. Speeding tickets range from $100-$400, This is a wide range because of the different circumstances
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As was said before the price of a ticket gets higher when you speed in school zones or in construction zones, this is because the driver that is speeding put lives in more danger than usual. Think that if that driver that was speeding was not paying attention and a child or one of the construction worker were to cross the road the driver would likely have more of a chance of hitting the pedestrian. When a driver is speeding the time it takes to brake/stop is delayed, so in the example where the driver was speeding and didn't see the people crossing the road he would have likely hit them but if the driver were to be going the speeding and respecting the law the driver likely would have had more time to stop and notice the pedestrians and lives would be saved. Speed limits are not just there to protect pedestrians but also to protect the driver, it is proven to be easier to lose control of a vehicle at a higher speed. So if the driver were to be speeding and hit a pot whole or swerve off the road he/she would likely get into an accident. Although speed limits may seem like a problem to some they do a lot when it comes to the safety of citizens, they are not there to be an inconvenience for …show more content…
But when people argue that they are simply not looking out for the better of others. There are many ways to keep the speed limits from being an ¨ Inconvenience¨. Have a schedule and stick by it so that you don't have the urge to speed. Laws are made not to bother people but to keep everyone as safe as possible. Think of how awful it would be for a driver that was speeding to make a mistake and hit someone because they couldn't stop in time and think of how much worse it would be for the victims family. Nobody wants that blood on their hands, the driver too is at risk not just the people, how awful would it be to lose a family member because of their reckless driving skills. Life is too short to break the law and risk your life and others lives just for your own personal gain. Speed limits are a good thing and should never be taken away.

To conclude, speed limits should not ever be taken away, they are very important to the society and insuring that everyone is as safe as possible when in their vehicle. There is no reason to risk human lives. Next time you feel the need to speed think about your life and the lives of others that will be put on your hands, life is too short don´t make it shorter than it already

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