Effective Communication Skills That Can Delay Integrated Marketing Communication

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Majority of firms will agree that there is a significant doubt of knowing the number of staff to have, how to design, manage, and correctly measure its outcomes. A few obstacles include identifying the practice and barriers that can delay integrated marketing communication attempts, using effective communication skills, lack of integrated marketing communication measuring process, and having multidisciplinary skills within the marketing staff. There are four ways of overcoming obstacles, such as, calculated consistency, measurement process, functioning system, and professional skills. It is important to brainstorm and create an unique brand and remain consistency throughout the entire process. By having a measurement process, the firm will be able to think outside the box, improve and bring in new customers. Organizations may benefit from using a client-side planned integrator that will show the way to coworkers. As for professional skills, it is crucial to behave well towards customers, innovative, and dream big. Additionally, having quantitative skills is beneficial (Liodice, 1). Experts believe that there are obstacles relating to control, resources, cultural, and flexibility that could affect integrated marketing communication success. Furthermore, constraints can cause issues with poor quality product and promotions (Naeem, 3). All things considered, having little or no barriers will ensure that there is effectiveness in the programs.
Speaking of effectiveness, it is…

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