Marketing And Marketing: The Importance Of Relationship Marketing

Increasingly, companies have now the need to rethink their organization. Gradually, as they develop, they realize that they need to do market research, advertising and provide customer service on a regular basis.
Any company found its purpose in the performance of a specific task within its environment. Holders in its remit the sale of goods and services, it sets up a system that allows it to achieve the desired results.
Indeed, it pursues a mission in search of profitable growth, but it does not seek only to improve and consolidate the links between the customers.
Therefore, the company is a set of resources, which allow him to be continuously informed about the evolution of its business environment and this can only succeed through marketing
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A relationship between a company and its customer. A relationship of always trust that eventually bring significant benefits to both parties.
In this sense, relationship marketing plays a fundamental role as it seeks to create and animate a "relationship" between a brand and its target market (established customers or potential customers). Communication is therefore the
Driving this relationship, which will encourage fidelity by benefits such as invitations, information premiere, exclusive products, special discounts ...
But the most interesting is still the customer segmentation. Then a program relationship marketing helps focus marketing efforts on the "best" customers (described in chapter "Customer Profitability and quality of profits), that is to say those who contribute most to sales business of the company. The idea here is the famous Pareto law (theory of 20/80) which states that in any commercial, 20% of customers contribute to 80% of turnover. Marketing activities targeting customers usually get a much better return on investment (ROI) than those seeking to recruit new prospects whose value is not assured.
Growing phenomena of our society are affected by the Information
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With the increasing complexity of the application fields, the construction of new methods becomes necessary. One method that has been proven in a field application may be inadequate in other areas because the engineering conditions of each application is different. Conventional methods are almost never followed the letter. The application engineers are often required to adapt in order to apply the in the context of their projects [HIDD94]. In addition, methods are not always flexible enough to be easily modified and adapted. Engineers methods do not cease to ask a key question: how to build a method that is flexible enough to be easily adapted to the specific situation of each project. By
Therefore, the discipline of engineering methods is still current. It does not cease to evolve and offer new methods of construction techniques. Thus in the early 90s was born a new approach to construction methods engineering situational methods which is defined in WELK92a as "discipline to. onstruct and adapt SI development method and tools associated with each

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