The Importance Of MN Communication Strategy

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Corporate communication strategy should be in line with the MNC’s products. (Jobber, 2007) MNCs should conform to proper industrial standards at all manufacturing facilities. All the products should be monitored by regulatory entities and their reports should be made public. Employees of these entities can be a part on networking groups within the company. For this reason, they can communicate to understand the problems linked to production and organizational culture. As of consequences, communication is transferred across employees’ networks. Though internal branding initiatives, a company’s employees have the ultimate goal of producing world class products that conform to all industries or environmental standards (Volberda et al., 2011). The communication strategy of MNCs plays a critical role in defining their global marketing initiatives (Cornelissen, 2014). The communication of the brand details helps potential customers to have a better understanding of the brand. The value proposition of a globalized entity such as Volkswagen should be in line with the actual needs and regulations of the local markets. Such local needs and regulations are guided by the local tastes and customs (Hotchkiss, 2013). …show more content…
Through this preliminary literature review, it can be noted that marketing and communication strategy are in a close relationship. The communication between employees and top management is in the same way important because it aids internal branding, as well as the employees’ understanding of the MNC’s values (Paul, 2011). The strategy should also be tweaked in line with local sociocultural systems ensuring that value proposition is standardized globally. To sum up, a successful MNC needs an effective communication strategy based on the values of the brand that the company can communicate to both employees and

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