Why Do Companies Use Autocorrect Communication?

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Corporations operating in today’s business environment leverage every available asset at their disposal to create a competitive edge over their counterparts. Among the most powerful and adaptable of these assets is their employees. A common quote employed by many successful leaders, one of which being Richard Branson, states “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” But what if those employees become so incapable of effective communication that they diminish your firm’s brand and reputation?

It is no coincidence that with the advent of cellular phone text messaging, we have seen a decreased capacity for communication, especially in written forms that are essential to business operations. It is my assertion
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If you are extremely familiar with the person with whom you are conversing, text messaging can be effective at conveying short message or having full conversations one sentence at a time. But these messages require a certain level of intimacy with the person on the other end, or it can lead to misunderstandings or fighting. While we laugh at what are called, “autocorrect fails,” relationships have ended because of incorrectly sent messages that resulted in catastrophic breakdowns in …show more content…
Between generating internal strife, stagnating idea creation and sharing, and simply creating misunderstandings, it is crucial for businesses to have a workforce that can communicate not just correctly, but effectively. Unfortunately, a significant portion of this workforce is below the standard necessary to accomplish all the goals businesses have. If that workforce is incapable of identifying the proper tone and content of their messages, because of their reliance upon text messaging mechanisms, it diminishes the entire productivity of Corporate

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