Analysis Of Growing Up Tethered By Sherry Turkle

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Many times I have been driving down the interstate, and I find myself checking messages on my phone, and playing around with the music. Meaning every time I pick up my phone to engage in these activities, I am risking my life. After reading “Growing up tethered” written by Sherry Turkle, it really opened my eyes to just put the phone down, and go experience what life has to offer. Sherry Turkle, explains how technology is making us become more sheltered, and not being able to experience the factor of being alone in life. When you become dependent on just yourself and not someone else; that is when you will get to experience what life has to offer. Agreeing with Turkle’s explanation of how Cellphones are sheltering us. Turkle gives us an example …show more content…
When you are messaging someone through text message it is very hard to express emotion you are feeling in the text. People sometimes might take a text message a wrong way even though it was not meant to be said in the way the reader speaks. Turkle mentions that people are losing the ability to have a conservation face to face, and we ourselves are not able to keep eye contact as much as we once did, for the reason being texting over the phone where you yourself can correct your sentences and errors. Turkle talked to students about having conservations. Some of the students said they were even scared to talk face to face, because they might say the wrong thing, and not being able to take back what they …show more content…
People on social media are able to put off a person that may be very likable, and a very outgoing person, but in reality they could be very shy or not a very likable person. Turkle tells us that some people that engage a lot in social media have problems in their lives. They post something on social media to try and get a way to deal with their stress or the problem they are dealing with. “Sometimes the ability to compose your thoughts online can be reassuring,” he says, “because there is a chance to think through, calculate, edit, and make sure you’re as clear and concise as possible.” (Written from Turkle’s “Growing Up

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