Yum Brand Analysis

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Assessment of Yum Brands and CEO David Novak
This analysis paper is about Human Relations and Human Resources Approaches, Systems and Cultural Approaches by Katherine Miller. I am using these approaches to analyze how they apply to Yum Brands and CEO David Novak, “How Yum Brands Uses Recognition to Build Teams and Get Results,” an article from Fortune Magazine. This paper’s aim is to discuss maintenance communication, innovation communication, and complex organism and their nature. The aim is also to look into communication’s misuse and misinterpretation that might result into a lack of sensemaking within the organization, and to understand it’s useful to the organization’s success in both social satisfaction and productivity.
Human relations
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In the article, the author says that Novak is transparent about why creating better teams is a passion, and that he realized early on that there’s no win without people. Novak’s aim is to run a successful company starting by making workers part of the company; thus, comfortable, satisfied with their position with the company successful as well. He has succeeded by giving the right value to the workers, making them feel that they are valued with his “Taking People With You”. According the Fortune Magazine article, Novak’s fundamental insight of his program is to ask participants to look into themselves and rate themselves on truthfulness, reliability, openness, self-centeredness, and think about how they treat other team members and view their mistakes. With this program, he has successfully managed to train and provide skills to many managers of his company, and he emphasized on the need for self-actualization. He managed to build a strong team management, employee involvement in organizational achievement and decision making as well. The fact that he considers a restaurant manager as the leader number 1, he makes sure that that manager exercises his responsibilities with the same …show more content…
Novak’s program “Taking People With You,” is the foundation of his success because it values the teamwork by allowing the individuals to examine themselves to which extend they can be a team player and understand the importance of working as a team. The article states that, “He brought back what he had learned and asked his executives what they thought. The result he found that once everybody saw the same reality, their ideas were pretty similar to his ideas, and then it was not his plan, it was their plan.” He wanted all managers to look into the problem that franchisees have and solve them as team. As long as the managers understood the problem, sooner it would be solved, and workers will be able to perform at their best levels, which will increase the company productivity and service quality. Novak understands that for an employee to feel acknowledged and consider the rewards as personal, it needs to be done as soon as the employee has successfully achieved anything in his line of

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