Reflection Of An After School Tutoring

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1. Often times the classroom setting is not enough for many students to learn all of the subject material they need to know in order to advance in their classes. Having teachers available for tutoring after school, I thought was very beneficial for students who need improving on their test scores or homework. I thought the emphasis on one-on-one made the students feel as though they were important. it was a great way for these students to ask questions, without feeling shy or unintelligent. Many of the students were lacking confidence and confidence to complete their class work, which, made the student less willing to engage in meeting new people. Students were able to interact in small groups to help develop a confidence and self-esteem …show more content…
I observed closely what it takes to help students build the skills they need to be successful. While observing, I began to see that many students had ongoing questions about homework, need help in a certain subject, or need increase motivation to get their work done. The idea of this after-school tutoring session was to help any student who needed extra time to understand the material. I thought each teacher really was focused on the essentials to mentoring students for success. The success in homework, was given in motivation, monitoring, and demonstrating what to do. I thought the teachers did a quite well with opening their classrooms as a open and positive atmosphere. You could see the students really open up and ask questions. They were given the attention that I felt was lacking in the classroom for them and they really needed to be given positive feedback and praise for understanding the material. There are certain skills that students need in order to complete homework and if they didn’t understand it in class, they wouldn’t be able to complete it at home. This program really helps develop the supplemental skills to develop students ultimate goal of success. It really showed the true definition of being a teacher. I thought it was really neat to see the faces of these students who finally were able to learn without the distractions of being in a regular class. They really felt valued and encouraged to get their work …show more content…
This was the first field experience I was able to participate in student’s hands on. I was able to help in answering questions they had on an assignment. I was amazed to see how influential I was to them and how much they learned just by opening up their concerns about what they were learning. I could really see the motivation was there, but they had no motivator. It was rewarding to see the improvements at the end of the day and the smiles on these students faces. One student even thanked me for helping them understand the material. They were willing to learn and it was neat to see. It made me realize why I want to teach and why teaching is so difficult. As a teacher, I might not help everyone of my students, but if I at least help one, I truly did my

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