Education, Language, And Non Working Parents Essay

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A. Introduction
There are many demographics that come to mind when thinking of Grant Bowler Elementary School in Logandale, Nevada. Three of the more prominent demographics that will be identified are religion, language, and non-working parents. Grant Bowler Elementary is located in a rural area Moapa Valley, which is an unincorporated division of Clark County. It is primarily a farming community and small businesses with about 7,000 people and made up of three different communities Moapa Valley town, Logandale, and Overton. The school has approximately 500 students enrolled from Kindergarten to Fifth grade. This results in an 18:1 teacher student ratio.
A1. Local Demographics
The first demographic that will be addresses is religion. In this town the majority of people are Mormon. In our location, five out of ten churches within a five mile radius of the Grant Bowler Elementary school that are Latter Day Saints. On that point there are also Protestant, Baptist, and Catholic Church. Even though, religious beliefs relate to Christian faith, in a rural area this religion could become a negative role in a school. There could be favoritism during the hiring process or in the classrooms depending on what church you attend.
The second demographic that will be discussed is language. There are two languages at Grant Bowler Elementary school. Those are English which is the majority and Spanish is the second. One reason English is the majority would be that 81.4 percent of…

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