Ebola Personal Statement

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At age 10, I vividly remember my mother grabbing me by the shoulders from the school playground and taking me home with the fiercest look I have ever seen. Behind closed doors, I was forbidden to neither visit nor speak to my best friend Phillip or his family next door. She found out that although cheerful, my fray looking friend was dying from the “Unspeakable”- a curse from the gods. I never spoke to Phillip again, nor saw him after his family was ostracised from our community. Growing up in a household that zealously analyzed the political and economic affairs of the Nigerian society; I was shocked that no one discussed the “unspeakable” that cost me my best friend. A few months later, I learnt from whispered voices that the unspeakable was AIDS. It was the curiosity to understand a disease so tragic, yet unspeakable that motivated me to study medicine.
After completing my Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree (MBBS), I had an in-depth training as an House Officer at Delta State University Teaching Hospital, Delta State. In this role, I diligently rotated the department of pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine and surgery amongst others and worked collaboratively with numerous
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Despite the impressive efforts made by my government to curb its spread, I saw patients who refused to speak about Ebola, delayed in seeking medical attention and died mostly from complications of bathing in overly concentrated “hot salt water” as the locally acclaimed preventive medicine to Ebola. Decades after the experience of the death of my playmate – Phillip- to AIDs, the responses of most of my patients to the Ebola epidemic established the desire in me to make continuous and drastic efforts to improve my skills in my professional

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