Public Health Personal Statement

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My interest in public health started developing after changing my major to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from pre-med. Before, I switched majors, I wanted to become a doctor, but after seeking career advice and interviewing doctors, I realized that I don’t want to anymore. I don’t want to be restricted in providing health care in clinical way and to be limited in ways I could make a difference. But I am glad that I was premed because helped me realize my true passion; which is Public health. After, I switched majors I started learning about current health policies and staying updated on the changing policies. I focused on Women’s Health policy, health care rights, and spreading awareness of women’s health. Through my research I learned …show more content…
I am thankful for the opportunity because I understood America’s health care system better and also learned about careers in health care other than becoming a physician. I witnessed how different health care departments worked together to provide the best care. Such as social workers, nurse assistants, gynecologists, physicians, nurses, counselors, and many more. I also had the privilege of working on the Safe Sleeping research project for the Ottawa County Health Department. I was educated on the policy changes over the past years to prevent the prevalence of SIDS and how the number of SIDS cases has decreased since it has been brought to attention. For the research project I gathered data on whether or not major stores, Meijer, Wal-Mart, and Target, carried baby products that meet the safe sleeping standards. I then presented my findings to the head of the Infant Health Department at the Ottawa County Health …show more content…
This job is a perfect fit for my career path and it will utilize my improved and the new skills that I learned, such as to analyze, review, and make recommendation for improvement of specific public health policies. My second career option is to gain a leadership role at Planned Parenthood to advocate for women’s health and to analyze health policies for them. My completed degree in Health Management and Policy will help me to collaborate and serve the needs of a large population in both career choices. My master’s degree will also prepare me to analyze data and information to highlight the problem and to produce an effective solution at the CDC and Planned Parenthood. Without the advance degree in Public Health Policy and Management, my educational and career objective will be incomplete. At the completion of this program, I will have the option to work in multiple public health fields and in a diverse environment.
To me becoming a public health professional would mean that I get to work in the field that I am most passionate about. My graduate program provided me with experience and important skills to become an efficient public health professional. I would be able to work on health issues that are important to me and in which I can provide my unique perspective. Issues related to women’s health, inclusion of health care needs for minorities, how to develop policies

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