Biochemistry Personal Statement Example

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Personal Statement
I am writing this Personal Statement in support of my application to study for a Master’s degree in Biochemistry at the California State University Sacramento. My interest in Biochemistry has always been a real world interest, and my desire to study Biochemistry at the Master’s level is likewise fueled by the imperativeness of the subject and the crucial role it plays in our everyday lives. The part I want to play as a Biochemist – in bringing to the world's attention the implications of current health practices, various diseases, and living processes – is in my point of view, the essence of biochemical studies. Society has continued solving challenges, seemingly insurmountable and perhaps more pressing than we have ever faced – I strive to be at the forefront of the “solution-finding” as a research scientist.
Over the years of my life and educational career, I have accumulated great interest in science and its relations with all aspects of life. Since junior high school, my interest and passion for biology and chemistry has grown stronger as years go by. Studying life processes in molecular terms
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I feel that the coursework will provide me with the necessary education that I need in order to succeed in the field of research. The program will aid in building upon the knowledge I currently possess, as well as providing me with additional skills. I have no doubt that participation in the Masters in Biochemistry course will fully prepare me for the future I dream of. My desire to attend California State University Sacramento stems from a deep-seated hope to obtain as much skill and knowledge in the field of research as possible. I hope to gain paramount knowledge and experience in this field of study and I strongly believe that California State University Sacramento can provide me with

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