Essay about Ease Of Implementation And Cost Effectiveness

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Ease of Implementation and Cost Effectiveness Transforming The Haven into a level 5 agency will not be an easy task. The agency will have to bring in professionals from both the VA and from outside the VA. Bringing in staff from the VA should not be challenging since The Haven is located on the VA campus and those who qualify are already receiving services from them. Hiring non-VA professionals will incur costs, but overall, having integrated care implemented will cut down on medical costs.
Having The Haven at a level 5 will be effective because it will allow for in-house collaboration, resulting in increased client care. For example, no longer will a client have to walk to a different building because services are not offered in-house. Clients who do not normally receive VA benefits will not be able to receive services from non-VA professionals. In addition, professionals will be able to do a warm hand off for the client as they see their next provider of care since they are located in the same building. This increases follow-through and continuity of care.
Social Justice and Fairness If The Haven were to become a level 5 agency, it will align with three of the core values found in the National Association of Social Worker’s code of ethics, including, service, justice, and dignity and worth of the person. Professional social workers will be an integral part of implementing change within the agency because of these values and their call to enhance the…

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