E-Marketing Mix Essay

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The main purpose of this report it to provide an analysis and evaluation of the role of the Internet on the fashion industry as well as comparing and contrasting the e-marketing mix strategies of two competing e-businesses Nike Inc and Sass & Bide.

Firstly, the report will critically analysis the roles of the Internet on the Fashion Industry.
Secondly, the report will highlight ways in which the Internet has significantly changed the way the Fashion industry operates.
Thirdly, the report will analysis and compare the product mix strategies of both Nike and Sass & Bide.
Fourthly, the report will analysis and compare the price mix strategies of both Nike and Sass & Bide.
Fifthly, the report will
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The Internet plays many integral roles in the fashion industry, as we know it today, each creating an exciting and unique opportunity for growth and innovation. However, it is essential to also understand the weaknesses and potential threats the Internet can have on industries, as it allows for a clear and coherent understanding of the role the Internet has on the fashion industry to be developed and an informed judgment to be made as to whether the Internet has significantly changed the way the fashion industry operates. Through extensive research into the role and impact the Internet has made on the fashion industry, three main concepts have been exposed that allows for a comprehensive critical analysis to be achieved. The three main roles that the Internet has facilitated include the opportunity to minimise costs through e-commerce, the ability for global reach to be obtained and the increased power and participation of consumers in the fashion industry.
The Internet has allows for easy, inexpensive and quick access to the fashion industry. This role that the Internet plays in the fashion industry grants companies with extensive opportunities to minimise costs involved in the day-to-day activities of running a business. Methods of cost minimisation

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