E Commerce : A Type Of Business Model Essay

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Carlos Merchan
Richard Klein
CGS 3300
12 April 2016
The Electronic Industry
E-Commerce is a type of business model that enables a firm or company to conduct business over the internet. It entitles activities, such as buying and selling, products and services, providing customer service, offering vendor support, and publishing and disseminating information over the internet (Bidgoli 163). E-commerce transactions happen in all four of the major market segments: business to consumer, business to business, consumer to business, and consumer to consumer. The electronic industry is making a significant impact in our traditional ways of conducting business. It is more powerful than the traditional resources that were implemented by companies all over the world. It allows firms, companies, and businesses the opportunity to expand into the global market world-wide (Bidgoli 163).
Apple Inc.is a company that took advantage of the electronic industry to expand its market globally. They are a very innovating and diverse company, always making changes in the technology market. Due to its global growth, Apple’s primary products and services it provides to the public have been tremendously facilitated through e-commerce. People all around the world are able to buy and use Apple’s products and services via the navigation of the company’s website. Even though they use e-commerce as one of their main ways to make revenue, they also use traditional resources (i.e., local stores, call…

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