'Dynamic Characters In We Bought A Zoo'

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In the movie, We Bought A Zoo, the Mee family loses their wife/mom to an illness. While wanting to overcome their grief and looking for a fresh start, they buy a new house. Little did they know when they fell in love with it, the house was a zoo. As well as beginning to overcome their mothers grief, the Mee family set out on an adventure to figure out how to open their newly bought zoo. With challenges in their way, along with meeting many new people, multiple characters have changes to their personality and a main theme is developed.

Dynamic Character: Dylan Mee
Throughout the movie, We Bought A Zoo, Dylan Mee’s personality changes, which makes him a dynamic character. In the beginning, Dylan is very dark and dismal and grieving because
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At the beginning of the movie the Mee’s show courage by buying a zoo in a new town. They have to meet all new people in their town, and learn how to take care of the animals in their newly bought zoo, let alone take care of their own family after their mother's passing. By the middle of the movie, the family again represents courage by deciding to invest all their money in opening the zoo. This takes a lot of courage because they use all their money to open this zoo when the inspector could not let them open it. Then they would have invested all their money into nothing. Also because with their money from their mothers will they could have went somewhere on vacation or used it to buy something nice. But they decided to have courage and spend it all on a zoo that has a slight possibility it might meet the inspectors needs. While is has a bigger possibility it won’t meet the needs and won’t get to open. Another event that portrays courage is when Benjamin manages to look through all the images of his passed wife instead of not getting through all of them. Multiple times Benjamin views the first few pictures in the story and has to stop because he misses her too much. Following this, Benjamin and Dylan show courage letting their loved ones know they love them. This is huge for the two men because a) Dylan has not talked much before and he takes that 20 seconds of courage to tell Lilly

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