What Does It Mean To Be Courageous Essay

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What Does it Mean to be Courageous?
By:Avina Elangovan

Being courageous means different things to different people. It can range from a simple act of kindness to fighting in an armed combat. I feel as if the word courageous means to stand strong even when everything around appears to stand against you. There are many events in the books that we have read during language workshop that depict courage in their own ways.
In the story When Elephants Fight courage was displayed multiple times. The story describes Jimmy and his brothers being brought to the possibility of their own death in the hands of murderers. That stress gets multiplied when their parents were killed by the Lord's Resistance Army. While their parents loss took a hit at them,
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This is because the story describes an artist, Don Lupe, who displayed arts of political figures in a controversial way. He did this to raise awareness to the public about the inappropriate actions of powerful political figures. For example Tonatiuh wrote, “...drew some of the leaders...poked fun…” This quote shows how Don Lupe drew his own country's leaders in an offensive manner. In some countries politicians carry more power and less accountability so you are not allowed to doubt political figures because of the risks. Even with that in mind, Don Lupe kept drawing pictures that clearly were against prominent figures that put him at big risk. He continued to do so to voice his opinion, which is a courageous act in a different way. Don Lupe also drew a picture of a lady that was very full of herself. I know this because Tonatiuh wrote, “...thought highly of herself...they needed help…” Here he is showing the citizens of Mexico how rude this one lady is. She wouldn’t give up any of her things for the less fortunate and Don Lupe wanted to express that. This lady could’ve easily yelled at him/hurt him but he wasn’t afraid to say what he …show more content…
One example is in Thank You Ma’am. I feel as if in this story courage is shown. For example Mrs.Luella gave Roger a chance to prove himself. This was shown when Langston Hughes wrote, “The women did not watch the boy to see if he was going to run now nor did she watch her purse…” At this part Mrs.Luella had courage because she trusted the boy to not steal. Others might watch him to make sure because if he did steal something you would lose money. Another example of courage was in the story Everything Will Be Okay. In this story the main character is very different from his family and they make fun of him for it. I know this because in the story it said, “...one of my brothers killed a deer...called me a sissy.” This shows how the main characters brothers feel as if their own idea is right and there cannot be a different point of view. Later in the story the main character had enough of his brothers and had the courage to do what he wanted. This was shown when it said, “...I will decide for myself what kind of boy I am…” This shows how he finally had the courage to speak up and make decisions for

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