Follow The Yellow Brick Road Analysis

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“Follow the Yellow Brick Road, follow the Yellow Brick Road.” The film The Wizard of Oz is not only a beloved classic of motion picture, but also a model of Buddhist ideas, values, and ethics.
The story begins on a farm in Kansas in the early 1900’s. Dorothy lives with her Aunt and Uncle. Miss Gulch, her neighbor, hits Dorothy’s dog Toto resulting in Toto biting her. Miss Gulch takes Toto on her bike to be euthanized by the sheriff. Toto jumps out of the basket and runs back to Dorothy without Miss Gulch noticing. Dorothy then decides to take Toto and run away from home, fearful that Miss Gulch will return. Dorothy comes across a fortuneteller named Professor Marvel. Professor Marvel “reveals” to Dorothy her fortune—Auntie Em has
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The Noble Eightfold Path is a way to end suffering. The eight components of the Path promote ethical conduct, mental discipline, and wisdom. “It is a Path leading to the realization of Ultimate Reality, to complete freedom, happiness and peace through moral, spiritual and intellectual perfection.” The Path takes one from unhappiness and despair to enlightenment and happiness.
Other aspects of Buddhism are involved in this film. Dorothy uses the mantra “follow the Yellow Brick Road” often throughout the movie. In Buddhism, Mantras are syllables, single words, or phrases used in order to keep one focused on the task at hand and to express devotion. In the scene before the group encounters Lion, Dorothy is frightened and wavers in her determination to reach the Emerald City. After Lion joins the company begins to sing “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” to remind themselves of the
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The company in the Wizard of Oz band together to reach the Emerald City in search of guidance and help. On their way to have an audience with the Wizard both times, they all exemplify qualities that are for the betterment of others and ultimately find qualities in themselves they didn’t believe were there. Scarecrow is the one amongst the group that figures out how to get out of adverse situations which is a testament to his intelligence. The Tin Man is the most caring member of the group and cries often showing he does indeed have a heart. The Lion shows courage by trying to fight off the flying monkeys when Dorothy is abducted and again reveals courage by entering the castle to save Dorothy. All of the qualities that are needed to find enlightenment and achieve happiness are already present in everyone. One must discover these qualities, be kind and compassionate, and follow down the Yellow Brick Road to

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