The Theme Of There Is No Place Like Home In The Wizard Of Oz

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There is no Place like home
Today we are going to go about the major theme in the movie The Wizard of Oz. According to the text, “A theme is an idea, subject, or topic of some kind that pervades the plot. It is not so much what happens, but rather what the movie is about, part of the meaning you are expected to take away from the work” (Goodykoontz, 2014 ). The one theme that is depicted in Wizard of Oz, and many critics would say that it is the main theme and flow of the film which is beckoned throughout time is the aspect of Home. It is simply the short saying, there is no place like home (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Themes, 2016).
The main protagonist, Dorothy, resides in a place that many people would be unwilling to call home. A Kansas prairie with a very great extent and dangerous
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However, the complaints fall on deaf ears as her parents are busy with managing the farm. This scene portrays neglect from Dorothy 's guardians, and one may wonder why she tries that much to return to a family that shows her so much neglect, while in Oz, people gave her all the attention she could need. She then longs for a place where she can go where she cannot get into trouble, and sings where dreams come true and where trouble melts like lemon drops. When she gets to a place with such description, she then tries her best to return home.
The theme appears again when Dorothy meets Professor Marvel. Professor Marvel realizes that Dorothy is on the run because she is under appreciate, not completely understood, and she wants to travel to see the world. In this moment, Dorothy immediately asks the Professor if she could tag along. When the professor tells her that Aunt Em is crying because ultimately, Dorothy has broken her heart, she runs back in the attempt to go to her Aunt Em, as well as home to her

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