DuPont Case Analysis Essay

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UNDERSTANDING THE CUSTOMER’S ACTIVITY CYCLE Submitted to: Dr. K.Abdul Waheed Submitted by Group 3- Case: Dominion Motors
1. Vaibhav Nigam
2. Varun Gupta
3. Utpal Garg
4. Sidhant Khunger
5. Mitali Runwal
6. Nidhi Agarwal
7. Konda Moulika
8. Sahil Chhabra

DuPont was established in the year 1802 by French Chemist, E.I DuPont de Nemours in USA. DuPont became successful by the end of third year and it started exporting back to its
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They focused on the company that provides material at the best price.
Retail and Wholesale operations are very different in these countries. In Germany wholesalers dominated in the UK and Belgium retailers dominated the supply chain.
DuPont concentrated only on the carpet mills and they didn’t make any effort in knowing the end users. They invested money in R&D for making innovations in fibres that is to be supplied to the carpet mills. They are least bothered to know about the customers.
DuPont need to concentrate on the techniques that value the customers without affecting the supply chain.
As carpet mills are the important customers to DuPont, they need to retain them.
“Creating loyal customers is at the heart of every business”-Don Peppers and Martha Rogers.
Identify the “Customer Benefit” and “Customer Cost” of the users and provide the product at “Customer-perceived value” (CPV).
Monitor the satisfaction of the customer by conducting surveys.

In Europe, there are 60 carpet mills that can level DuPont’s standards; however only 50% of them are using their fibres. Rest of them wandering around for best price. The mills using DuPont’s fibres should be retained and they need to analyze the CPV value and set the “price” accordingly.
The “place” is also very important for setting the price as European market is fragmented unlike USA market which is having only four players.

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