Drunk Driving Speech

When hearing the phrase drunk driving, one often thinks of despair, tragedy, even death. But what exactly factors into it? And why are drunk drivers still a problem if police know they are out there? What are authorities doing to try and end the epidemic that is drunk driving? The National Department of Transportation says that about one-third of drunk drivers arrested or convicted are repeat offenders. Considering that 1.1 Million people were arrested for driving under the influence in 2014, one-third is an impressive and devastating amount. With this said, how can police allow a person to walk free after they are charged with driving under the influence? Just because it is their first offense recorded, does not mean that this is the first time they have committed the crime; therefore they should be imprisoned for endangering not only themselves but countless others. Drunk driving, meaning driving with a blood alcohol level over 0.08%, is an indiscriminate crime - men, women, black, white, young, old- the victims of drunk drivers can be anyone. Whether they get into an accident or not, every drunk driver has the ability to cause severe damage and fatality, so why do they deserve to be out and among …show more content…
Ignition interlock is a device hooked up to the ignition of a car that a driver must blow into before starting their car. If a measurable amount of alcohol is found in their system, the car will not start. One might ask if there are ways around a personal breathalyzer in a car. Well, compressed air would not work, the machine has a temperature measure as well and is calibrated to the typical temperature of human breath. The only real way around the device is to have someone sober blow into it in the place of the drunk driver. In that case, it is on the sober person to ensure the drunk one does not endanger themselves or

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