Driving the Highway for Destruction Essay

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As more incidents of fatal motor accidents flood in and the death road toll of young people slowly increases, media moguls, concerned youths and the general community alike have expressed discontent to such reckless behaviour. In an imploring opinion piece, titled “Driving the Highway from Destruction!” (Place of publication: Ednews, Date: unknown), an astute student, Elly heart denounces such misconceptions imposed upon young people and vehemently argues for the change in public perceptions and values. In addition to this, with the two large images embedded in her article, the opinion piece suggests a clear contention: that all drivers, both young and experienced, should take greater care in ensuring our safety on the roads.

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In addition to this, the writer then furthers her contention by rectifying such preconceived misconceptions. Addressing the notion that all young drivers are reckless, the writer vilifies the source of such a bias – “talkback jocks”. In doing so, Hart attempts to create an intentionally forged divide between such “media presenters” as she portrays them to be insatiable point-scoring media moguls – indeed, coaxing readers into taking the ethical stance. Such a misconception is then again, attacked, as by affirming that it was indeed, “after all…young people…who showed the way…by complying with the “designated driver” idea”, the writer comes off as forthright and brazen as she vehemently portrays the youths of today to be conscientious of road safety. In doing so, the writer appeals to readers’ sense of equality as she shows stark abhorrence to such claims that all young adults are reckless – and in turn, attempts to rally for young drivers and readers alike to take a greater sense of activism in the cause.

Furthermore, the writer also suggests that creating stricter rules and regulations will not resolve the issue – and urges readers to show disapproval to such actions. Whilst making reference to “road safety expert, Ed Brown”, the writer comes off as undeniable, credible and

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