What Is Texting While Driving?

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Rebekah Morris
Miss Royse
English 4
8 April 2015
Texting While Driving Driving and texting simultaneously is becoming a major problem that has been increasing death rates drastically. There is an abundant amount of people who knowledgable that driving distracted can be life threatening, yet they proceed to text while they are behind the wheel. This act puts many people at risk. Many believe that they are easily capable of multitasking. Safety of yourself and others will always be an important role of driving. Do not take advantage of the privilege of driving by being careless. While many people are aware that texting while driving is dangerous, most still continue to carry out this action. In a newspaper article, Fox News interviewed
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Driving can be an exciting and fun thing, especially if you are new to the experience. It shows that you are maturing and becoming more independent, but it can also be calamitous if you are not careful. If you might be tempted or have a habit of texting while driving, there are several different safety precautions available at the touch of a fingertip. In the world of smart phones, I guess you could say that we have the world in the palm of our hand. There are several different applications, known as apps, that will disable texting on your phone (Burke). Some apps even send a message to who was attempting to contact you, saying that you are currently driving. You can never be too cautious or careful, especially when you are aware of the possible …show more content…
People are worried that things such as eating and changing the radio station while being behind the wheel will be soon banned (Inconvenient). As a result of the banning of texting and driving synchronously, there are portions of the population that say most of who text while they drive will not stop just as a result of the act becoming illegal. According to The Christian Science Monitor, it is said that drivers who are obsessed with texting and driving, only shove their phone lower to their seat which has caused even more

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