What Are The Dangers Of Texting And Driving Essay

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Majority of the population, if not all, has revoluntionized the use of cell phones and made texting easy and useful. Instead of sending letters or emails, using messenger birds, or making a phone calls people text, because its the fastest communication method. Texts are almost instantantly recieved when sent, and that's what makes it so popular. Teenagers are the most frequent users of texting. Sure adults and the elderly text,but teenagers take it to a whole new level when they abbreviate and use emojis. However, unlike the adults and the elderly some teenagers seem to be unresponsible with texting. Therefore it goes without saying that there's a time and a place to text and texting while driving is a prime example. Texting and driving is very dangerous and should be made illegal because of the risks and that its the same as drinking and driving.

Firstly, Texting and driving should be illegal because the risk of losing life increases tremendously. Many lives have been taken just because teenagers don't realize that texting can wait and that texts don't have to be sent immediately. All they have to do to prevent this is to turn it off or put it in a spot they know they couldn't see or get to it while driving. When teenagers text and drive they don't just endanger their lives,but they also endanger other people's lives
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They both have an action, a cause and the same risks. The action would be driving, the cause is texting and drinking, the same risks would be they both endanger just as many lives as the other does. It's really simple if you make something chances are most people will probably stop or at least be more careful about the situation. The only motivation most teenagers would need to actually not go through with texting while driving would be that the fact that if they do they could be throwing their life away,and lets be honest no one likes to go to jail especially at a young

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