The Effects Of Technology Kills English

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Technology Kills English
How often are texts made up of complete words, proper grammar, and the correct use of punctuation? Almost never. Texting and other technology have made grammar and English skills decline in the past few years. People who text do not usually use the proper punctuation, like commas or periods, their grammar has declined, and most of their texts consist of “LOL” and “OMG”. Technology, more specifically texting, is ruining English skills by corrupting the way we speak. The texting concept was developed in nineteen eighty-four by Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert, and later in nineteen ninety-two, the first text was sent (Erickson). The first text was sent from a PC, because at the time, mobile phones did not
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According to scientists, there have been more words that have “died out” in the past forty years than any other period in their data (“”). This is because of all the youthful words that have been taking the places of older words. Currently, there are almost one to two million words and there is an estimate that one new word is made every ninety-eight minutes (Gall). That is almost 5, 367 new words per year. In the past ten to twenty years, words that were used quite often have been lost in language and have caused the English language to shrink (“”). Texting is a great cause of all the current and lost words. Since texting only allows for one hundred and sixty characters to be in a single text message, people have to make shorter words so they are able to say what they want (Erickson). Also, think of Twitter. Twitter only allows there to be one hundred and forty characters in a single tweet. That is even shorter than a text message. Sadly, with today’s generation, many young children are exposed to this type of spelling and grammar usage. “Four in ten children own a cell phone, and three in ten own a smartphone” (Carter) . At least forty percent of today’s children are exposed to this type of language, which could make it much harder for them to learn proper English when it comes to be that …show more content…
Autocorrect has been a gift to help children learn to spell words properly. If someone misspells a word, autocorrect will fix it for them and they will know how to spell the word correctly. Nope. Autocorrect is not as helpful as people think. Yeah, it is a handy gadget to have, but people will not always notice how they misspelled a word. All they have to do would be to push the spacebar on their phone and BAM! The word is fixed and the person texting does not even know. Is a person really going to try and notice any changes in the word they spelled? No. They are going to keep on texting and ignore the changes

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