Texting And Driving

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Keep Your Eyes on the Road Being able to drive a car might be a dream come true. However, it could easily turn into a nightmare that there is no chance to be woken up from. The use of technology has grown gradually in today’s society. In which distracts people from many of those things that are considered important. Texting and driving is one of the biggest problems of the United States. Many teens, as well as adults, have formed a habit of texting while driving their cars. Texting and driving is awfully distracting and the odds of getting involved in a car accident are higher than what many people think it is. Texting and driving is a growing and is a dangerous problem in today’s society that can lead to accidents causing injury or even death. Every person should focus on the dangers that texting and driving can bring upon them in a number of seconds. Distracted driving occurs any time a person distracts themselves in some activity that can most likely interfere with operating a vehicle safely. For example, texting, eating or drinking, talking to passengers, reading or adjusting a radio can be categorized as a distraction while driving. “Ninety percent of respondents believe that distracted driving is a somewhat or much bigger problem today than …show more content…
One of the young adults who is interviewed in this video talks about his friend who was texting while driving. His friend was texting while driving and his phone fell under his seat. So he decided to pick it up while his foot was on the pedal and he hit a curb and hit a child who was riding his bicycle. He admitted to the police that he was texting and driving and payed the price of being traumatized for the rest of his life. Drivers who are careless on the road can easily ruin someone’s life or take it away in a matter of

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