Dorothy Must Follow The Yellow Brick Road Essay

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Dorothy must follow the yellow brick road, her labyrinth. The munchkins, becomes her mentors, encouraging her to follow the yellow brick road. They sing and send her off to see the wonderful Wizard of Oz. This is the start of the second stage of her hero’s journey; Dorothy walks down the yellow brick road and comes to an intersection, not knowing which way to go. This is where she meets the Scarecrow, who speaks to her and tells her he does not have a brain; she helps him down from the pole he is hanging on. She explains to him that she is on a pathway to the Emerald City to meet the Wizard of Oz, who would instruct her, mentor and be her ally in her journey to find her way back home to Kansas. The Scarecrow begs to go with Dorothy to see the wizard of Oz to ask him for a brain. The Scarecrow joins Dorothy on her journey to the Emerald City to meet the Wizard of Oz and they become each other’s mentor and ally. Further down the yellow brick road, the wicked witch could be seen hiding a behind trees. Dorothy encounters good and evil on her journey as she seeks to visit the Wizard of Oz. She is chastised by an apple tree for picking its apples. In her defense, the Scarecrow makes faces at the apple tree and it throws apples at them. Dorothy continues her journey, but takes time to smell the beautiful flowers and pick up the apples when she sees another character, a Tin Man, who needs her assistance. She becomes his mentor and oils him so he could walk down the…

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