Family Reflection Assignment: Gajan Senthuran

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My Family Reflection Assignment
Gajan Senthuran
My family is an important part of my life, these individuals have had a great impact on sculpting me as a person. They have influenced my thoughts and behaviors through their actions. They have helped me understand my identity as a person through educating me on my culture and practicing traditions, so that I am able to represent my character. My family consists of three individuals who are my grandmother, my mother and myself. I am a second generation Canadian which means my family aside from me, has immigrated to Canada. After settling here and getting accustomed to a new style of living my family now lives happily in Toronto, Ontario. We have been able to integrate our historical traditions
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It can be classified as a single parent family. The total income of my family is now split unevenly between my mother and I as I am now working at a restaurant. Due to my job, I am able to pay for, the insurance for the car, various bills and my needs. Furthermore, I am in the process of completing my OSSD and aspire to enroll into Ryerson to continue my education to become an accountant. The census family can be compared to my family as my family is “a lone parent of any marital status with at least one child living in the same dwelling and that child or those children.” Issues that affect my family are: balancing work and life and economic conditions. My mother contributes most of the income to our family which requires her to work consistently, this affects her relationship between work and family as she is unable to spend time with me and others. Economic conditions have also affected my family as my mother had been laid off for a couple months. This impacted my family negatively as there was barely no income which restricted my family from functioning normally. All in all, currently my family is functioning very well since everyone is able to contribute to everyone’s total

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