Don 't Leave Our Minds Essay

820 Words Apr 30th, 2016 4 Pages
There are thoughts that don’t leave our minds, when we start something new our mind stop to think in even more things. I’m living far from family for more than four years, in the middle of this time I also went to Japan and came to United Sates. Being far from my family make me think about past, what we did together and what I was feeling back there. I also can say that staying far made me more depressed, I started thinking about giving up of several things and start thinking about being alone. All the essays has the family element and “progress” in their focus because of my thoughts, because I continue far from my family and I’m tired of giving up of things since this is not my personality. We don’t stop to think about your family until we miss them, about what happen in the past, and how we look like when we were kids. Is not normal to think about past as a way to correct the present. When I was young I was very competitive, everything I couldn’t do was a problem so I was always trying my best, but now When something is becoming difficult I just withdraw. What connect all the essays is my feelings changes and my memories. How was I with my family? how was I playing? Looking back to me with my family I can say that is my true me, is not someone I constructed to make other like me. Knowing that was my true me I can compare with the actual me. What I become now. The personal essay tells about one of my family trips, one thing I was used to do when I was young. In this…

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