The Gift By Li Young Lee Analysis

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Li-Young Lee is a talented Indonesian poet. Lee immigrated to America at a very young age,after 1959-1964 when he was traveling with his parents through Hong Kong, Macau, and Japan.Li Young Lee’s book the Rose is filled with beautifully written poems because that come from the heart, as he talks about meaning behind his relationships with his family, and how they relate to the idea of friendship, love, culture, or trying to find the meaning of life. One of the major themes of Li-Young Lee’s poems is relationships and he relates it to his life through situations when he tries to encounter friendship, culture,love, or determine the true meaning of life. Sometimes, it is hard for an immigrant to talk about their past lives before …show more content…
Young-Lee is not afraid to be silent of his daunting past, as he talks about different scenarios in his life. The theme of relationships dominates the poems of Rose. Despite, the dominating theme of the poems being relationships, Li-Young Lee tries to connect the main theme to a variety of perspective from friendship, love, or trying to find the meaning of life. Li-Young embraces the idea of relationships from the beginning of his poems to end of his poems in the book. One of first poems written in Rose is “The Gift”. “The Gift” is about a situation when the narrator Li-Young Lee removes a metal splinter from his wife’s hand. When the narrator removes the metal splinter from his wife’s hand, he recounts from his childhood when he was a seven year old boy, that his father removed a splinter from his hand too. Li-Young Lee address in the poem “The Gift” when he is taking the metal splinter out of his wife’s hand that “ had [one] entered that afternoon [one] would have thought [they] saw a man planting something in a boy’s palm”(15). The reader witnessed in the beginning how the narrator’s father performed a simple act of love to his boy by helping him feel better and take the splinter out of his hand. The narrator, then …show more content…
Despite, not being to the land of his hertiage, the narrator having a reollectoon of these memories from his mother and gradnmtoejer allows his to have a strong bond with his family and culture. The recollection of his grandma and mother’s memories allows the narrator to understand his an integral part of his identity. The recollection of their memories will help understand to continue to carry on the values and heritage of his culture, to the next generation. despite immigrating at such a young

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