Diversity at Workplace Essay

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Personal managerial effectiveness

Assignment: Managing diversity in Toyota company

Lecturer: Dawid Mwaura

Student: Shohruh Aminov (L0366NINI1012)

Table of Contents
Executive summary 3
Introduction 3 Company overview 3
Critical Analysis 4 Diversity at workplace 4 Diversity dimensions 5 Diversity issues 5 Diversity advantages 6 Managing diversity 7 Diversity in Toyota 8
Conclusion 8
Recommendations 8
References 9
Bibliography 10

Executive summary This paper will evaluate diversity in Toyota company in 21st century. Referring to a various theories in diversity it creates understanding around diversification at workplace
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Obviously, all these issues have not only political, also economical influence too.
The aim of this paper is to identify diversity at workforce, what kind of problems can diverse companies face, and how these shortcuts should be managed and controlled. As an example company has been chosen Toyota, Japanese car manufacture, however during the analysis other companies of Japanese car industry also will be discussed to evaluate how Toyota is managing diversity and what should be done more to make it even effective (Singer, 1993).
Company overview
Toyota Motor Corporation has been founded in 1937 in Japan. It is one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, from small vehicles to large trucks. As of March 31, 2013, Toyota possesses 397.05 billion yen capital and employs 333,498 people. (Toyota-Global, 2013) Toyota believes that business success maintained through having representatives of customers, business partners and employees within the organisation’s workforce. As their core principles are respect for people and continuous improvement, they are confident in that first is achieved through appreciation for diversity. Toyota spends multi-billion dollars on their diversity campaigns, which are based on “Toyota 21st Century Diversity Strategy”, created in 2001. The outcomes were worth of employing the idea into the action, the results

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