Reflective Essay: A Personal Description Of Diversity

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We all have unique identity which helps us conform and identify to our respective humble backgrounds. Each and every human being is different or similar to another in terms or race, culture and belief. The beliefs and culture we hold true for ourselves shapes the way we think and how we perceive and react to issues of cultural diversity. Some might be critics of diversities while other might accept, recognize and incorporate diversity as a single allegiance. However, the way we perceive and shape our minds to perceive diversity is at large shaped by our places of origin, parenthood and levels of interaction with respect to diversity. This paper is aimed at discussing my own personal description of diversity, how I perceive diversity, my family …show more content…
It is something that we do not choose or cannot stop from exiting. Different people have their own different backgrounds, believes, culture, race, religion and perception. I am a person who appreciates diversity since we cannot do without diversity. I believe that diversity shapes growth and development. I believe in respecting others the way they are without discriminating anyone by what means. I am a staunch Muslim and therefore I find it easy interacting with others as I see them equal and similar to me as human beings. I accept diversity in a sense that I believe that people have a right to choose who to mix with, where, when and who not to mix with. This is not to say that I am against people living as a one national citizenship, but my perception is that we should interact with one another appreciating and respecting the great and rich diversity amongst ourselves. It always feels nice when someone appreciates your background and takes you for who you are. Personally, I identify myself with all kinds of people and I do not have any personal class, religion or groups that I identify with. But I am always careful and thoughtful when interacting with others not cross the boundary and offend them as long as diversity is

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