Diversity Of Culture And Life Experiences Essay

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“So what do you want to do with your life?” That was a question that I was constantly faced with as a youth. Throughout my childhood, my parents had instilled in me a sense of compassion, respect for others, and responsibility to give back to my community. Therefore, I always knew that I wanted a career serving the needs of others. However, it was not until after I overcame challenges and experienced college that I found my calling- nursing. Unlike any other profession, this blends my love of learning, dedication to caring for others, determination to make a positive impact on my community, and fascination with virtually every aspect of medical science, particularly oncology and genetic mutation. Pursing a broad field of knowledge with constantly changing demands, such as nursing, carries a special appeal for me. Diversity of culture and life experiences has been at the core of my existence. I have learned how to overcome and embrace the challenges associated with change expertly. In fact, I have turned my diverse background into one of my greatest strengths, as I share my culture and heritage with my peers. I was born and raised in India until age 10. Through the rich and diverse cultures in my community, I have been able to learn English and understand Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Teluga, and Kannada. Often, I am able to provide service and facilitate communication due to this broad lingual background. As a student, I can share these languages, and the cultures associated…

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