Diversity Leads The Way And Xerox Essays

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Diversity in the work force is very important in today’s society. Having a diverse workplace can open up new ideas and competitiveness. One of the biggest leading global companies in diversity is Xerox. Xerox has been around for many years and the culture continues to evolve with different people through their work and dedication for Xerox products (Uhl-Bien, M., Schermerhorn, J. R., & Osborn, R. N. 2014). . In this case study diversity leads the way and Xerox is the most admired company in the computer industry that focuses on diversity. Xerox believes that employees with different way of thinking create the most innovative ideas. For Xerox to continue to stay up to date in today’s business, they must have a hold on documentation management by recognizing and respecting diversity. Xerox use diversity to create a more diverse workforce by hiring African Americans in the nineteen seventies and creating advancement opportunities for female in the nineteen eighties. In the nineteen nineties, Xerox added sexual orientation as apart of their support for diversity to aid in creativity. They believed that everyone had something different to bring to the table (Uhl-Bien, M., Schermerhorn, J. R., & Osborn, R. N. 2014). Diversity is very important to Xerox, the chairmen and CEO supported and stressed the importance that diversity has in the workplace. Xerox believes that diversity is the key for their success for years. It focuses on a diverse environment in which it…

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