Digital Music Industry Essay

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I. Introduction Many people are still perplexed how ‘you are my love’ (a very popular song on the internet in China) has become popular, which is also considered cheesy from the view point of some mainstream recording industries and organizations. According to Zhang, CEO of the Idol Entertainment Ltd, ‘this represents neither a retrogression of society, nor a down step in terms of culture. It is normally a reflection of the current music market, which is to satisfy the consumers’ demands fundamentally.’ In fact, music online is currently receiving both profit and widespread acclaim, drawing lines with recording industry and traditional music profit modal (Zhang, 2006).

This report aims to give knowledge about several evolutions
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As a result of the programme’s success, competitions were constantly held in China, some of which have been significant, For example, Super Girls, Happy Boys, both are created by HunNan TV (a television station in China). There is a common ground in these competitions which is allowing any people to participate (Yang, 2009). Currently, a few songs have been introduced to the public through the channels of recording companies, but the most popular means of spreading songs has been online. In other words, the television now offers opportunities for unknown musicians to step into national or global (Yang, 2009).

B. Advances of the Internet Since 2004, a lot of cover version music websites of distinct sizes have begun to develop into the Internet. The earliest website in China was, from which many web singers have become well known (Zhang, 2006). Ever since then, many people have insanely attempted to access cover version music websites, because they think they can become famous, just like a few of the popular web singers had done although the probability of becoming successful is as slim as winning the lottery (Zhang, 2006). Up to now, many advanced singers have been found in China, such as He jie, Cheng chusheng and so on (Yang, 2009). Anyway, Internet nowadays is a wonderful platform on a human scale.

Nowadays, another bee-line to join in show business is to be a web

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