Pros And Cons Of Using Technology: Differentiating Instruction Through Technology

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Section Four: Differentiating Instruction through Technology Teachers have an obligation to differentiate instruction in order to be able to meet the individual needs of their students. Every lesson should appeal to various levels of learners by offering modifying facets of subject content. Differentiating instruction through technology is one of the highlights of utilizing technology in the classroom (Gunter & Gunter, 2014, chapter 7). Effective teaching with technology assists a teacher in connecting with all learning styles of their students and provide a foundation of support for students who strive to achieve academic success. Various formats of technology exist that are compatible with various learning styles that have the capability …show more content…
Taking a look at the pros, technology, if available, can provide teachers with the necessary tools to offer their students a distinctive learning possibility, encouraging the problem solving and creative thinking abilities to be heightened. Another bonus of integrating technology is motivation. Motivating students to obtain a higher quality of academic success is a goal educators try to achieve, along with a higher rate of attendance in class. The greater assets of utilizing technology to differentiate instruction is the ability to extend enhanced learning opportunities to diverse learning abilities of all students who advance academically through different learning styles (Gunter & Gunter, 2014, chapter 5) The cons of utilizing technology to differentiate instruction begin with the availability of classroom technology. The access to the right form of technology is crucial when seeking academic success while introducing a specific assignment that is being offered with aid of technology. Another consideration is the age appropriateness of the technology, as well as the academic abilities of the student that are utilizing the technology. The technology should be able to be used with ease and strengthen the subject content as well as motivate the learning process reinforcing the overall understanding of the subject content (Gunter & Gunter, 2014, chapter

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