Advantages And Disadvantages Of Traditional And Modern Learning Aids In The Classroom

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1.0 INTRODUCTION The educational system has evolved throughout the years with the involvement of technology, same goes with learning session in class. Nowadays, teachers utilized the use of technology to enhance students’ learning in class. Books, hand-outs, notes and discussion are examples of learning aids in class instead of teachers’ lectures. However, environment in the class changes as teachers began to use other learning aid such as online discussion, online quizzes and PowerPoint presentation. There are differences between these learning aids and they are divided into two which are traditional learning aids and modern learning aids. However, the increasing interest of using technologies has lowered the need for the students to use …show more content…
One of the major advantages on using modern learning aids is the high accessibility to get information. Antonucci (2014) has stated that students often use the Net to find more information about a topic being discussed in class because of the high accessibility. Furthermore, by using modern learning aids, students will be more organized in their process of gaining knowledge. In 2014, Antonucci also found that the students’ learning process can become more organized by keeping all of the information centralized with one device and can help them perform more effectively. Besides that, the understanding of the students will be deeper. A learning process done by using modern learning aids will create strong engagement between students and the materials given such as videos and projectors and at the same time it will make the students understand the abstract easier (Mohd. Yunus, Salehi, & John, 2013). However for every plus there is minus. Modern learning aids also have its disadvantages and one of them is passive learning. Borah (2011) has discovered that students became more inactive or passive when using modern learning aids during the learning process. The discovery shows that students cannot engage with their friends and teachers because the usage of the modern learning aids itself cannot commit face-to-face communication. On the other hand, it is easy for the students to commit plagiarism when using modern learning aids. As mentioned by Rahmawaty (2011), there is high tendency for the students to just copy and paste the information that have been searched to their own documents without acknowledge the author and admitted the works as their own. Thus, modern learning aids contain both advantages and disadvantages in learning process.

2.4 Research Questions Research questions are as below: 2.4.1 Do students prefer traditional or modern learning aids? 2.4.2 Do traditional

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